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Is Equity Release for you?

In the right circumstances releasing capital from your property through an Equity Release scheme can be an ideal way of raising money. However, it will not suit everyone and it is important to seek independent financial advice before making any decisions.

Generally suitable for:

Equity Release schemes can be beneficial in the following circumstances:-

1. People aged 55 and above.

2. Consolidating existing debts whilst not having to make any monthly repayments.

3. People who are happy to leave part of their home to their loved ones on death.

4. Helping children or family members with financial problems.

5. Boosting your income in retirement.

6. Raising money for that holiday of a lifetime or to help with home improvements.

7. Inheritance Tax Planning.

8. Moving to a more expensive property such as a bungalow for those with concerns on their mobility.

Not generally suitable for:

However, Equity Release will generally not be suitable in the following circumstances:-

1. People under the age of 55

2. People who receive means tested benefits as these could be lost if you release money from your property. Although the drawdown schemes can allow applicants to keep any savings below the level that would affect their benefits.

3. People with substantial savings as it is better to use any savings before considering an equity release.

4. People who want to leave the full value of their property to their loved ones on death.

Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

Inheritance Tax Planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you feel you feel you fall into the beneficial categories and would like to find out more about Equity Release schemes why not e-mail your name and telephone number to marcus.hollick@probitasmortgages.com and we will call you for a free initial assessment. Alternatively, you could just telephone us now and speak to Marcus Holick on 0207 118 1207.


Equity Release Advice Bromley, Kent

We provide Equity Release advice in Beckingham, Bromley, in Kent. We can also provide advice to people who reside outside these areas but this will generally be telephone based.

Equity Release is a way for homeowners aged 55 and over to release money from their house to provide you with a tax free lump sum or a regular income and you won't need to make any monthly repayments. So whether you need money to help with the bills, paying off debts, helping your family, holidays or home improvements Equity Release could be the solution.

Due to the complex nature of Equity Release schemes and the number of products available, the first step is to find an Independent Financial Adviser who can advise you if Equity Release schemes are appropriate for your circumstances and then advise you on the Equity Release scheme that is most suitable. The second part of the Equity Release process requires the services of a solicitor to ensure all the legal aspects of the Equity Release transaction are carried out correctly and that you fully understand your actions.

Probitas Mortgages Ltd are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to give independent financial advice on equity release products. Probitas Mortgages have been working closely with their clients to provide quality unbiased advice.

Whilst any financial advice on Equity Release schemes will be provided by the Probitas Mortgages, the legal advice on the Equity Release process can be provided by one of the other practices who are independent of the financial advice.

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Equity Release Schemes Kent

Equity release schemes are a range of products which allow homeowners aged 55+ and who have little or no mortgage, to safely release some equity from their property to improve their life without having to move.

If you are under 55 we may still be able to help you raise money from you home with an ordinary mortgage or re-mortgage. If you would like to discuss ordinary mortgages please complete our online enquiry form and indicate that you are interested in ordinary mortgages and we will call you back.

“Equity release” includes home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.

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Legal Advice

If appropriate and once the initial financial advice on your Equity Release scheme has been provided by Probitas Mortgages, we can introduce you to another firm of solcitors in the Kent area so that you can be advised independently on the legal aspects of your equity release.

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